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Art of Nature

horse conch-pearl - sapphires
diamonds - yellow gold

Art of Nature

An enduring and endearing tradition of jewellery was honoured and rejuvenated, in a collection of one-of-a-kind jewels and objets d’art inspired by the natural world. Art of Nature, accompanied by an illustrated book, showcases vibrant interpretations of nature.

Made over some 18 years, from 1979-1996, the creations
chart the evolution of Hemmerle style, the increasing
naturalism and sophistication of colour, material and
technique, and the use of specially cut, calibrated
gemstones, often invisibly set, to create a flow of
colour and light on organic sculptural forms.

A fascination for antique and period jewellery, particularly for 19th century historicism and naturalism, and Art Nouveau or Jugendstil is evident.

sapphires - yellow gold

Male Turtle

emeralds - yellow gold

Female Turtle

diamonds - red gold

diamonds - platinum

Nature and art have always been –
and continue to be – inexhaustible
sources for ideas.

Stefan Hemmerle